Russian petroleum investor

Russian Petroleum Investor - Insider coverage and analysis of the Russian/Eurasian oil and gas markets. Russia is the world’s largest combined producer of oil and gas and it exerts a tremendous impact on surrounding energy producing countries and developing world energy markets. The language of the industry is Russian and outsiders only receive bits and pieces of information through scattered language news articles. Russian Petroleum Investor helps you overcome this cultural and language barrier and gives you access to a world otherwise largely closed to outsiders.

Since 1992, Russian Petroleum Investor has been the most trusted English language publication for news and analysis of the Russian and Eurasian oil and gas sector. Produced by an experienced team of Russian experts, analysts and journalists, only Russian Petroleum Investor goes beyond the headlines to help you understand how regional developments will impact your business in this dynamic market. Special attention is paid to developments of new energy resources on the shelf regions, development of resources in Eastern Siberia, Russia’s entry into LNG markets, and new transport facilities and pipelines.

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